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James Campbell received his PhD from the University of California – Berkeley in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research. He teaches courses in Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management, Location Modeling, and Business Analytics. Dr. Campbell’s research centers around modeling and optimization of transportation, logistics and supply chain systems, and he has worked with public and private sector organizations in Canada, Australia and the U.S. His recent research interests include drone delivery, hub location and transportation network design, inventory modeling, school bus routing and barge transportation on the Upper Mississippi River. He has over 100 publications, including many in leading academic and practitioner journals. He is Associate Editor of Transportation Research–Part B and Transportation Science and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Business Logistics and the International Journal of Revenue Management.

Ph.D. (Industrial Engineering & Operations Research), University of California, Berkeley, 1987
M.S. (Industrial Engineering & Operations Research), University of California, Berkeley, 1983
B.S. (Systems Science & Mathematics), Washington University, 1981
LOGOM 3320: Introduction to Operations Management
LOGOM 4330: Business Logistics Systems
LOGOM 6330: Business Logistics Systems
LOGOM 6350: Management Science Methods
LOGOM 7390: Research Seminar in LSCM
LOGOM 7393: Doctoral Seminar: Continuous Approximation Modeling & Location Analysis
  • Areas: Mathematical modeling of logistics and transportation systems, facility location
  • Selected Recent Publications:
    • “Multiple Allocation Hub Location Model with Fixed Arc Costs", Geographical Analysis, 2014.
    • “Modeling Mixed Load School Bus Routing”, in H-J. Sebastian, P. Kaminsky, T. Muller (eds.) Quantitative Approaches in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Lecture Notes in Logistics, Springer, to appear 2014.
    • “A Stackelberg Hub Arc Location Model for a Competitive Environment”, Computers & Operations Research 47, 27-41, 2014.
    • "Impact of Shipper’s Choice on Transportation System Congestion and Performance: Integrating Random Utility with Simulation”, Transportation Journal 53(2), 143-179, 2014.
    • “Environmental Performance – Impacts of Vendor-buyer Coordination”, International Journal of Production Economics145, 683-695, 2013.
    • “A Continuous Approximation Model for Time Definite Many-to-Many Transportation”, Transportation Research Part B54, 100-112, 2013.
    • “Twenty-Five Years of Hub Location Research”, Transportation Science 46 (2), 153-169, 2012.
    • "Teaching Supply Chain and Logistics Management Through Commercial Software", International Journal of Logistics Management 21, 293-308, 2010.
    • "Hub Location for Time Definite Transportation", Computers & Operations Research, 36, 3107-3116, 2009.
    • "Simulation of Alternative Approaches to Relieving Congestion at Locks in a River Transportation System", Journal of the Operational Research Society 60, 519-533, 2009.
    • "The Sector Design and Assignment Problem for Snow Disposal Operations", European Journal of Operational Research 189, 508-525, 2008.
    • "A Survey of Models and Algorithms for Winter Road Maintenance System Design. Part III: Vehicle Routing and Depot Location for Spreading", Computers & Operations Research 34, 211-257, 2007.
    • "A Survey of Models and Algorithms for Winter Road Maintenance System Design: Part IV: Vehicle Routing and Fleet Sizing for Plowing and Snow Disposal", Computers & Operations Research 34, 258-294, 2007.
    • "Modeling Net Rates for Expedited Freight Services", Transportation Research E, 192-207, 2007.
Associate Editor, Transportation Science
Associate Editor, OMEGA
Editorial Advisory Board, Transportation Research, Journal of Revenue Management
Editorial Review Board, Journal of Business Logistics
Fulbright Senior Scholar, Melbourne, Australia, 2000