Dinesh Mirchandani, PhD

Dinesh Mirchandani

Phone: 314-516-7354
Office: 233 Express Scripts Hall


Ph.D. (Business Administration), University of Kentucky, 2000
M.S. (Electrical Engineering), Purdue University, 1994
B.S. (Honors - Electronics Engineering), University of Bombay, 1991

  • Areas: Management Information Systems; Business Programming
  • Courses:
    • ISFSYS 5800 - Management Information Systems
    • INFSYS 6805 - Applications of Programming for Business Solutions
    • INFSYS 3844 - End-User Computing for Business Applications
  • Areas: IS Planning; Electronic Business

Selected Significant Publications:

  • “Autonomy and Procedural Justice in Strategic Systems Planning,” Dinesh A. Mirchandani and Albert Lederer, Information Systems Journal, 24(1), pp. 29-59, 2014.
  • “Top Management Support, Collective Mindfulness, and Information Systems Performance,” Shaji A. Khan, Albert Lederer, and Dinesh A. Mirchandani, Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 22(1), pp. 93-121, 2013.
  • “Global Integration Strategies of Small and Medium Multinationals: Evidence from Taiwan,” Julius Johnson Jr., Bindu Arya and Dinesh A. Mirchandani, Journal of World Business, 48(1), pp. 47-57, 2013.
  • "Hierarchical Effects of Product Attributes on Actualized Innovativeness in the Context of High-Tech Products," Kyootai Lee, Shaji A. Khan, and Dinesh A. Mirchandani. Journal of Business Research, 66(12), pp. 2634-2641, 2013.
  • “The Impact of Internationalization of U.S. Multinationals on Public Affairs Strategy and Performance: A Comparison at 1993 and 2003,” Julius Johnson, Jr., Dinesh A. Mirchandani and Martin B. Meznar, Business & Society, forthcoming, published online before print April 1, 2012, doi: 10.1177/0007650312438530.
  • “Shared Vision in the Creation of IT Strategy,” Dinesh A. Mirchandani and Albert Lederer, IEEE IT Professional, 14(6), pp. 44-50, 2012.
  • "“Less is More:” Information Systems Planning in an Uncertain Environment," Dinesh A. Mirchandani and Albert Lederer, Information Systems Management, 29(1), pp. 13-25, 2012.
  • “Impact of National Culture on Information Systems Planning Autonomy,” Dinesh A. Mirchandani and Albert Lederer, Journal of Global Information Management, 18(3), pp.1-34, 2010.
  • “Dynamics of the Importance of IS/IT Skills,” Kyootai Lee and Dinesh A. Mirchandani, Journal of Computer Information Systems, 50(4), pp. 67-78, 2010.
  • “An Investigation on the Institutionalization of Commercial Websites,” Kyootai Lee, Dinesh A. Mirchandani, and Xinde Zhang, The Database for Advances in Information Systems 41(2), pp. 70-88, 2010.
  • “Implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System in a Large Asian Public Sector Company,” Wisnu Cahyono, Dinesh A. Mirchandani and Julius Johnson, Jr., Communications of Global Information Technology, 1(1), pp. 59-65, 2009.

Conference Proceedings

  • “Use of Online Collaboration Tools in Organizations,” Jiesi Cheng; Fon Sundaravej, and Dinesh A. Mirchandani., European Conference on Information Systems, June 2009.
  • “Analyzing the Dynamics of Skill Sets for the U.S. Information Systems Workforce Using Latent Growth Curve Modeling,” Kyootai  Lee and Dinesh A. Mirchandani, ACM SIGMIS Conference, May 2009.
Book Chapters
  • “Factors Influencing the Adoption of Electronic Commerce by Small Businesses,” Charles Chowa and Dinesh Mirchandani, in Information Systems in an E-World, M. Gordon Hunter and A. Wenn (eds.), Las Vegas: Information Institute, pp. 193 – 210, 2005.
  •  “A Deterrence Theory Perspective on Personal Web Usage,” Dinesh Mirchandani, in Personal Web Usage in the Workplace: A Guide to Effective Human Resource Management, M. Anandarajan and C. Simmers (eds.), Hershey: Idea Group Publishing, pp. 111-123, 2003.
  •  “An Experimental Analysis of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Teams with Partial Problem Domain Knowledge,” Dinesh Mirchandani and Jaideep Motwani, in Knowledge and Information Technology Management: Human and Social Perspectives, Chapter 7, A. Gunasekaran, O. Khalil, and S. Rahman (eds.), Hershey: Idea Group Publishing, 2003.
  • "The Link between Information Strategy and Electronic Commerce," Albert Lederer, Dinesh Mirchandani and Kenneth Sims, in Doing Business Electronically: A Global Perspective of Electronic Commerce, E. Romm and F. Sudweeks (eds.), London: Springer-Verlag, pp. 27-45, 1998.
Other Information:
  • Member of Association for Information Systems, Decision Sciences Institute and Eta Kappa Nu (Honor Society for Electrical Engineers).
  • Received the Sturgill Student Development Council Award for Leadership and Service at the University of Kentucky in 1997.
  • Faculty Advisor for the Information Systems Programming Club (http://www.umsl.edu/studentlife/misclub/)