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Student Information for Business Assessment Testing

Why it's Important?

As you may know, the UMSL College of Business Administration (COBA) is accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. We are very proud of this designation that establishes our program in the top 10% internationally. AACSB aims to promote continuous quality improvement in management education. Over the past several years, COBA has undergone extensive curriculum review, and as a result, initiated substantial changes in content and delivery of the undergraduate and graduate programs. The catalysts for these changes include: a dynamic, competitive job market in Missouri as well as nationally, a better understanding of the skill gaps that our graduates face entering the job market, and an identification of areas of weakness.

Learning by students as they prepare for business, management, or academic careers is strongly dependent on the quality of instruction offered to them. Through the Assurance of Learning process, faculty members and administrators share responsibility for ensuring instructional quality through continuous improvement and innovation. For the last several years, the College's assurance of learning program has sought to graduate students with:

(1) Knowledge and understanding of the functional areas of business management and their interrelationships.
(2) Knowledge of written and oral communication skills, and computer usage.
(3) Knowledge and understanding of legal, international, and ethical issues in business.
(4) An appreciation of cultural diversity.
(5) Quantitative and analytical skills.
(6) Reflective and flexible thinking abilities.

What part do you play?

COBA assesses your learning through a systematic collection of written assignments and oral presentations, embedded assessment in key courses, required coursework in Business Writing, and exit surveys. More to the point, each semester College of Business undergraduate and graduate students who are nearing graduation are required to participate in the undergraduate Business Assessment Test and the MBA Business Assessment test. The assessment tests are designed to assess learning in the major emphasis areas: Accounting, Marketing, Management, Finance, International Business, Supply Chain Management and Analytics, and Information Systems and Technology. You will receive feedback on your test performance and how you compare to other students.

What is involved in participating in the Business Assessment Test?

Undergraduate seniors who are enrolled in the capstone course (MGMT 4219) should also enroll in the Business Assessment Test Course (MGMT 4220). The Business Assessment Test is offered in six convenient time slots during the semester. A mixture of weekdays, evenings, and Saturday dates are available. Students will visit a computerized testing center and provide their answer to an online exam. The exam consists of a series of multiple-choice questions that are aligned with key learning goals in the aforementioned academic emphasis areas. In addition, students will be asked to participate in a business case. The business case requires students to apply their business acumen to situations faced by real companies. The cases emphasize various facets of decision making such as analyzing consumer data, interpreting financial reports, reviewing business processes, or interpreting the macro environment. The total time allotted to the business assessment test is 160 minutes. Once you have completed the exam, your score will be submitted to your MGMT 4219 instructor who will apply your adjusted score to 5% of your course grade. Please note that completion of the Business Assessment Test is a requirement for graduation. Here is the Spring 2018 schedule for the undergraduate Business Assessment Test.


Where: Designated classroom (see Myview schedule for details)

Time Allocation: 160 minutes


Graduate (MBA) students that have completed the M4 Application for graduation and expect to graduate this semester, will be notified and enrolled in BUS 6991 (MBA Business Assessment Test). MBA students will be randomly selected to complete either the multiple choice or case study portion of the assessment. In the multiple choice test, students will be asked a series of questions in Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Management, Supply Chain Management and Analytics, and Information Systems and Technology. MBA students will also respond to a case or problem solving exercise that requires them to apply their business knowledge and/or analytical skills. Both sections of the test require approximately same amount of time to complete.

Completion of the MBA assessment test is a requirement for graduation. If you have an emergency during 03/16/18-03/18/18 and are unable to take the test, please contact Francesca Ferrari at Emergency situations will need to be documented. Once the tests are completed and graded, scores will be emailed to each participating students.

When: Between  March 16 at 12:01 am till March 18 at 11:59pm

Where: ONLINE login to MyGateway and click on SP18-BUSAD6991

Time Allocation: 90 minutes

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