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Business Assessment Test

UMSL Business Assessment Test Mystery Unveiled

It’s your last semester, the pressure to finish classes is mounting and the reminder pops up on your calendar: Business Assessment Test. Right! You’d enrolled for this required exam, but now it’s almost test day and you’re not sure what the test is for, how it affects your academic career, and how to prepare. Here, those questions are answered.

The UMSL College of Business Administration is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). In order to maintain this internationally acknowledged distinction, college administration is responsible for the continuous assessment of educational quality and improvement, a process known as assurance of learning. The Business Assessment Test is part of a broader set of methods to measure this process.

“As administrators of a college with AACSB-accreditation, one of our key directives is to ensure instructional quality through continuous innovation and improvement. And one of the ways we know how we’re doing as a college is through the Business Assessment Test,” says Associate Dean Michael Elliott.

The test, a requirement for graduation, is administered to both undergraduate and MBA students as they near completion of their coursework. Designed to assess learning in major emphasis areas including accounting, marketing, management, finance, international business, Supply Chain Management & Analytics and Information systems and technology, the main goal of the test is to allow business faculty to evaluate how well students nearing graduation have retained principles important to a broad-based business education.

Eliott explains, “The results of this particular exam are as much about gaining a broad understanding of how well we are meeting our educational goals as a college, as about the individual student’s score.”

Associate Dean Tom Eyssell agrees. “In both undergraduate and graduate programs, we want our graduates to be ready for placement or growth in their chosen job market. Business Assessment Test scores show us where our curriculum is excelling and where we may need to make adjustments for the benefit of future students.”

Undergraduates, who take the Business Assessment Test (MGMT 4220) during the same semester as the capstone course (MGMT 4219), receive points toward their capstone course grade based on their Business Assessment Test score.  After signing up for MGMT 4220, students are directed to appear at their testing center and are allotted two hours to take the exam, which consists of a multiple-choice section and a business case analysis. Graduate (MBA) students who have completed the M4 Application for graduation and expect to graduate the same semester, will be notified and enrolled in the MBA Business Assessment Test (BUS 6991).  MBA students will take an online version of the assessment test over a designated weekend.  At the end of the test, all students will receive feedback on how they compare to other students in the college.

When asked whether or how students should prepare for the exam, both Eyssell and Elliott agree that the whole of a student’s Business education is the preparation. 

Eyssell says, “It is our responsibility as a college to provide high quality education with a goal of ensuring student success after graduation. The Business Assessment Test is one way we measure that quality and continually improve on the education we offer.”