During the Fall 2013 term, 617 undergraduate students in the College of Business Administration completed at least nine hours of graded courses with grade point averages of 3.2 or above. These students have been added to the Dean’s List. The students below have consented to be recognized publicly.

Faraz Azim Sadrudin

Abdulrahman Baleelah

Denise Barber

Jessica Berry

Jacob Brown

Jeffrey Cauley

Mike Che

Matthew Coker

Elizabeth Drennan

John Felchner

Andrew Fretwell

Diane Flesch

Michael Gingerich

Yan Guo

Kenneth Haegele

Stephanie Haley

Jayson Hill

Gurjit Kaur

Kevin Ly

Jennifer Masterson

Emma Miller

Zach Rootz

William Smith

Dylan Sullivan