During the Fall 2014 term, 620 undergraduate students in the College of Business Administration completed at least nine hours of graded courses with grade point averages of 3.2 or above. These students have been added to the Dean’s List. The students below have consented to be recognized publicly.

Hamad B. Alquait

Lauren Baker

Daniel Baumgart

Amy Cabanas

Ryan Cox

Josh Crosbie

Erik Deloya Galve

Paige Devore

Arielle Edwards

Paige Galka

Cydney Gehner

Yan Guo

Kyle Hopfer

Cindy Hwang

Kalelah Kidd

Crystal Klotz

Lingru Kong

Rachel Lowe

Mukhtar Maalim

Justin Major

Abdul-Kariem Matteuzzi

Rishonda Moody

Legese Muche

Kerrine Nelson

An T. Nguyen

Jhonny Polo

Douglas Rames

Leslie Sheridan

Dylan Sullivan

Ly Thi Thao Tran

Damon Walker

Ashleah White