During the Spring 2015 term, 594 undergraduate students in the College of Business Administration completed at least nine hours of graded courses with grade point averages of 3.2 or above. These students have been added to the Dean’s List. The students below have consented to be recognized publicly.

Robert Becker

Kourtney Burks

Ryan Cox

Sidorel Dinkallari

Ashley Fairchild

Sarah Harrison

Mike King

Crystal Klotz

Jordan Loos

Yi Lyn

Abdul-Kariem Matteuzzi

Joseph Merlone

Susan Owens

Alexa Paslawski

Michaela Prowell

Douglas Rames

Renee Richardson

Sarah Schroeder

Michael Schultz

John Shelton

Carissa Tautphaeus

Vanessa Thiemann

Bradley Weinstein

Adam Welge