Congratulations!!! During the Fall 2016 term, 689 undergraduate students in the College of Business Administration completed at least nine hours of graded courses with grade point averages of 3.2 or above. These students have been added to the Dean’s List. The students below have consented to be recognized publicly.

Hamad Alquait

Rachele Banks

Jacob Duren

Ryan Clavin

Hassan Ghanim

Brittney Hager

Hannan Hamed

Julie Hampton

Robert R. Hickman Jr.

Hennyben Khasukia

Judith Mukhweso

Vasvija Omanovic

Brittney Parr

Stephanie Roddy

Faris Thabet

Yuchen Wang

Temperance Williamson

Lysa Young-Bates

Haibo Yu

Yu Zhang