Photo of David RicksDavid A. Ricks
Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Management and International Business


Degrees Held: D.B.A. - International Business, Indiana University, 1970 M.B.A. - Finance, Indiana University, 1968 B.S. - Finance, Brigham Young University, 1966


Areas: International Management, International Strategy, International Business

  • Courses:
    • BA 3680 - International Management
    • BA 3682 - Managing the Global Workforce
  • Areas: employee recruitment, job design, personnel selection
  • Selected Significant Publications:
    • Ricks, D., "Globalization and the Role of the Global Corporation,” Journal of International Management, Vol. 9(3), 2003.
    • Ricks, D., "The IU impact on the internationalization of business schools,”Research in Global Strategic Management, Vol. 8, Alan Rugman (ed.), JAI Press, 2003.
    • Ricks, D. & Deans, C., "International Business, Future Trends,” The International Encyclopedia of Business and Management, 2nd ed., International Thompson Business Press, 2002, 3251-3259.
    • Ricks, D. (co-authored), "Information and Communication Technology in the Classroom: An Empirical Study with an International Perspective,” Journal of Teaching International Business, Vol.12(3), 2001, 21-41.
    • Ricks, D. & Dancwa, J., "Research emphasis on Cultural Difference and/or Similarities: Are we asking the Right Questions?" Journal of International Management, 6, 2000, 173-186.
    • Ricks, D., Blunders in International Business, 3rd ed., Blackwell Publishers, 1999.
    • Ricks, D. & Wright, R., "Trends in International Business Research," Journal of International Business Studies, 4th ed., 1994.
Other Information:  Coordinator, International Business Programs, UMSL Fellow, Academcy of International Business Editor-in-Chief, Journal of International Business Studies, 1984-1992 Editor-in-Chief, Journal of International Management, 1995-1997 Chair, International Management Division, Academy of Management, 1988-1989.