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Hung-Gay Fung
Department of Finance and Legal Studies Chair, Dr. Y.S. Tsiang Professor in Chinese Studies
Office: 1113 SSB Tower ~ Voice: 314-516-6374
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Degrees Held:
Ph.D. (Major - Finance; minor - Economics), Georgia State University,1984
B.B.A. (Major - Finance; minor - Economics), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1978


  • Areas: Investments, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, International Investments
  • Courses:
    • International Banking
    • International Finance
    • Options and Futures
    • Investment Analysis
    • Corporate Finance


  • Areas: International Finance, Banking, Derivative Markets and Small Business Finance
  • Selected Significant Publications:
    • Fung, Hung-Gay, Min-Ming Wen and Gaiyan Zhang. How Does the Use of Credit Default Swaps Affect Firm Risk and Value? Evidence from U.S. Life and Property/Casualty Insurance Companies. Financial Management, Vol. 41, pp. 979-1007, 2012.
    • Wu, Ming-Cheng, Hung-Gay Fung and Yi-Ting Huang. What Drives the Dating Game of Executive Options Exercises? Evidence from Taiwan. Accounting and Finance, Vol. 52, pp. 605-625, 2012.
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Other Information:
  • Recipient, Best Paper Award (with G.Lai, R. MacMinn and Bob Witt), Committee on Online Service (COOS), Casuality Actuarial Society, 1999.