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Michael J. Costello

Michael J. Costello
Associate Teaching Professor
Michael J. Costello

Founding Member of Agreeco, llc., a consulting company composed of former Agribrands officers focused on assisting companies expanding abroad

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Agribrands Int’l, Inc. a Fortune 500 spin-off, NYSE listed company, manufacturing, marketing and selling Purina agri animal feed products globally.

International Counsel for Ralston Purina Company responsible for the legal affairs of animal and human foods businesses [Purina feed and pet food, Beechnut baby food, Continental Baking (products such as Wonder bread and Twinkies snack cakes), private label cereals, cookies and crackers] with manufacturing, sales and distribution in sixteen countries on four continents.

International Counsel Asia Pacific and Canada for Monsanto, a manufacturing and marketer of products, such as Round-up herbicides and Dekalb seeds.

Practicing Attorney with Nordic Law Consultants in Brussels, Belgium and Thompson & Coburn [then Mitchell] St. Louis, Missouri, USA

228 Anheuser-Busch Hall


BA, cum laude, University of Missouri – Columbia in political science
J.D., cum laude, St. Louis University School of Law
L.L.M., cum laude, Vrije Universeit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium


  • BUS AD 2900 - Legal Environment of Business  (syllabus)
  • BUS AD 5900 - Law, Ethics and Business  (syllabus)
  • INTL BUS 3280 - The Law of International Business Transactions  (syllabus)
  • INTL BUS 3283 - International Business and Society (Abu Dhabi - Dubai Study Tour)  
  • INTL BUS 3285 - Role of the Global Corporation  (syllabus)
  • INTL BUS 5289 - International Business Strategies (Abu Dhabi - Dubai Study Tour)  

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