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Paul Van Wert

Paul Van Wert
Assistant Teaching Professor

Paul Van WertPaul Van Wert is an Assistant Teaching Professor in Accounting at UMSL.  He currently leads courses in introductory and intermediate financial accounting. Teaching is a second career for Paul, who joined the faculty at UMSL after 25 years at Anheuser-Busch.  After obtaining a B.A. in English from the Univ. of Illinois in Urbana, Paul began his career as a technical writer.  He progressed through a number of leadership roles in IT, brewery administrative operations, and accounting.  Along the way, he completed Masters degrees from UMSL in both Information Systems and Accounting.

A common thread running through Paul’s career has been leadership of new or significantly changing organizations, business processes, or systems. He ultimately decided to employ his experience in planning, motivating, educating, and assessing progress in working with students.

205 Anheuser-Busch Hall


MAcc, University of Missouri - St. Louis
M.S. (Mgmt Info Systems), University of Missouri - St. Louis
B.A. (English), University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign

  • ACCTNG 2400 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (syllabus)
  • ACCTNG 3401 - Financial Reporting and Analysis I (syllabus)
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