Photo of Mary Beth MohrmanMary Beth Mohrman
Founders Professor of Accounting
Office: 503 SSB Tower ~ Voice: 314-516-5524


Degrees Held:
Ph. D. (Accounting), Washington University (St. Louis), 1991
M.S.B.A., Washington University (St. Louis), 1990
B.A., Case Western Reserve University, 1969



  • Areas:Financial Accounting
  • Courses:
    • ACCTNG 4401 - Financial Accounting and Reporting III
    • ACCTNG 5400 - Financial and Managerial Accounting
    • ACCTNG 5401 - Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Areas: Financial accounting; accounting regulation; contracting; taxation
  • Selected Significant Publications:
    • Moehrle, Stephen and Mohrman, Mary Beth, Reynolds-Moehrle, Jennifer, Stuerke, Pamela. “Developments in Accounting Regulation: A Synthesis and Annotated Bibliography of Evidence and Commentary in the Academic Literature (1999 -2000),” Research in Accounting Regulation, Vol. 21, #2, pp. 125-137, 2009.
    • Mohrman, Mary Beth. “Depreciation of Airplanes and Garbage Trucks: Information Value and Fraud Prevention in Financial Reporting,” Issues in Accounting Education, Vol. 24, pp. 105-107, 2009.
    • Mohrman, M.B., "General Host: Accounting for a Bond Refunding," Issues in Accounting Education Aug. 1999.
    • Mohrman, M.B., "The Use of Fixed GAAP Provisions in Debt Contracts," Accounting Horizons, Sept. 1996.
    • Mohrman, M.B. & Reburn, J., "An Examination of the Security Price Reaction to SFAS 94," Advances in Accounting, 1994.
    • Mohrman, M.B., "Debt Contacts and FAS 19: A Test of the Debt Contract Hypothesis," The Accounting Review, April 1993