Greg Geisler

Greg Geisler
 Associate Professor of Accounting
 Office: 1208 SSB Tower ~ Voice: 314-516-6122

 Degrees Held:
 Ph.D. (Accounting), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1995
 MBA, University of Pittsburgh, 1990
 BBA (Accounting), University of Notre Dame, 1984



Area: Taxation

  • ACCTNG 6441 - Seminar: Taxes and Investments
  • ACCTNG 4441 - Advanced Federal Taxation: Tax Research and Business Taxation
  • ACCTNG 3441 - Income Taxes  


  • Areas: How taxation impacts decisions of businesses and individuals. Tax-efficient investing and spending of investments in retirement.
  • Selected Significant Publications:
    • Geisler, Gregory G., and Jerrold J. Stern. "Retirement Account Options When Beginning A Career." Journal Of Financial Service Professionals 68.3 (2014): 45-50.
    • Geisler, Greg. 2013 Federal Income Tax Laws that Cause Individuals' Marginal and Statutory Tax Rates to Differ. Journal of Accounting Education, 31(4): 430-460, 2013.
    • Geisler, G. & Moehrle, S., "The Effect of State Taxes on Baseball Free Agents," State Tax Notes, 2013.
    • Geisler, G. & Moehrle, S., "Missouri Tax Savings Are The 'MO$T'," The Asset, November 2011.
    • Geisler, G. & Farmer, T., "MO$T is a MUST," The Asset, March 2007.
    • Geisler, G. & Farmer, T., "Taking Stock of Employee Stock Purchase Plans," Journal of Accountancy, May 2007.
    • Geisler, G. & Wallace, S., "The Use of Compensation for Tax Avoidance by Owners of Privately-Held Corporation," Journal of American Taxation Association, Spring 2005.
    • Geisler, G., "Ranking the Choices between Retirement Savings, College Saving, Other Investing, and Paying Off Debts," Journal of Accountancy, September 2006.
    • Geisler, G., "An AMT Trap that Caught Teresa Heinz Kerry in 2003," Tax Notes, July 2005.
    • Geisler, G. & Larkins, E., "Current Year Tax Laws that Cause Low Visibility of an Individual's Effective Marginal Tax Rate," Tax Notes, Nov. 3, 2003.
    • Geisler, G. & Wingbermuehle, K., "Retirement Savings Credit: Investing $1500 at a cost of only $284," Tax Notes, July 7, 2003.
    • Geisler, G. & Larkins, E., "Marginal Tax Rates on Foreign Profits of U.S. Multinationals," Advances in Taxation, 2002.
    • Geisler, G. "Equity Security Investments: Evidence on Tax-Induced Dividend Clienteles," Journal of American Taxation Association, Spring 2000.
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    • Geisler, G., Collins, J. & Shackelford, D., "The Effects of Taxes, Regulation, Earnings, and Organizational Form on Life Insurers' Investment Portfolio Realizations," Journal of Accounting and Economics, 1997.

Other Information:

    • Certified Public Accountant
    • Governor's Excellence in Teaching Award (awarded to one UMSL professor per year) 2006
    • Deloitte / American Taxation Association's Teaching Innovation Award for "Tax Writing Web Site" (available at ), 2004
    • Junior Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award, Georgia State University, 2000
    • Visiting Professor at Indiana University (Bloomington), 2001-2002
    • Worked in public accounting for 5 years